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Frequently Asked Questions

Information for frequently asked questions on Arcstar Universal One Virtual

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Registration Date: June 04,2015 / Update Date: June 30,2015

I cannot bind more than 8 destination UseNetworks to vCore.

Please be advised the maximum number of destination UserNetwork that can be configured on portal is '13', but the maximum number of destination UserNetwork that can be binded to vCore at a time is '8'.
* If you try to register more than 13, an error message "more than table limit" appears.

*According to the situation, the number of destination UserNetwork can be reduced by changing the destination UserNetworks to network address.
Host A(
Host B(
If these two are registered, they can be integrated into one destination UserNetwork
such as  Network A(

The number of destination UserNetwork is limited, so please refer to FAQ below, too.

  When trying to add a destination UserNetwork, the message "The address is incorrect" is displayed.

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