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Service menu support information

[Recovery]Issue of Arcstar Universal One mobile Global M2M

July 30,2023 06:35 Publish

It has been restored.We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

* Trouble overview:Services unavailable
 ・If you select Docomo as your roaming carrier, it is difficult to connect to the network, when you are using it in Japan.
* Trouble spot:At the network for Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M
* Impact:Unavailable or difficult to use

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Occurred at(UTC) July 30,2023 around 06:05
Recovered at(UTC) July 30,2023 06:35
Occurred at(JST) July 30,2023 around 15:05
Recovered at(JST) July 30,2023 15:35

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