How to use the support site

How to use the download

You can download service specifications, manuals, etc. from the customer support site.
download here.
* The captured image may differ from the actual one.

Search for various downloads by service name

[1] Download selection
Select DOWNLOAD from the customer support screen.
[2] Service category selection
Click the service category you are looking for.
[3] Service selection
It will be displayed in a pop-up and select the target service.
[4] Download list
A list of downloads for the target service is displayed.

Download content

[1] Go to download details page
If you click "Go to Download Details Page" from various download screens, multiple contents will be displayed on the transition destination page. Please check the required content before downloading and using it.
[2] download
You can download the content by clicking "Download" from various download screens.
[3] Agree to download terms
You may need to agree to the terms before downloading.

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