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[Recovery] Outage notice of COTOHA Translator

July 06,2023 02:59 Update

Please be informed that the following outage occurred in COTOHA Translator has now recovered.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to the customers.

■Affected functions
Translation function (file translation)

The following affection has occurered but now recovered.
- Affected features are unavailable.

■Affected plans

Failure in the service platform

Information category Outages information


Occurred at(UTC) July 06,2023 around 00:30
Recovered at(UTC) July 06,2023 01:45
Occurred at(JST) July 06,2023 around 09:30
Recovered at(JST) July 06,2023 10:45
Affected features/Service name COTOHA Translator

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