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Frequently Asked Questions

Information for frequently asked questions on Arcstar Universal One Virtual

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Registration Date: June 11,2015 / Update Date: June 11,2015

How can I connect vAdapter?

Connect vAdapter in the following steps.

(1) Connect a router and the WAN port of vAdapter with a UTP cable(Straignt).
(2) Connect a PC and the LAN port of vAdapter with a cable.
* Connect with one of the four LAN ports.
(3) Connect the power cord with the AC adapter and then with the DC jack of vAdapter.

If vAdapter is not properly connected, try the following where possible.
- Turn off all the devices including the router/vAdapter/PCs and wait for 5-10 minutes.
- Correctly connect devices including the router/vAdapter/PCs.
- Turn on the router, vAdapter, and devices such as PCs in this order.

Shown below are the meaning of vAdapter lamps and what to check when the lamps do not light properly.


(A)When the Power lamp is not lighted in green

 The power cord ((3)in the first figure) may not be properly connected.
 Make sure that the cable is correctly connected.
[!] The Power lamp is not lighted in green even though you reconnected the power cable.
vAdapter or the power cord may not be working. Please contact our maintenance support desk.

(B)When the Internet lamp is not lighted in green

 (B) When the Internet lamp is not lighted, the router and the WAN port of vAdapter
 ((1) in the first figure)may not be properly connected.
 (F)Make sure that the WAN lamp is lighted or blinking.
 (F)If the WAN lamp is not lighted, reconnect the UTP cable.
[!] When the Internet lamp is turned off or lights in red.
vAdapter is unable to receive IP addresses. Check if DHCP is functioning in the router on the upper level of vAdapter.      

(C)The Option lamp is lighted or is blinking in red.

 vAdapter is not properly connected to VPN.
 See [Step 2] on the following page.

  *I can’t connect to the Virtual Network via vAdapter. 


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