Support by service : Frequently Asked Questions about Workspace MDM


I cannot activate this product.


1) Is your PC connected to the internet?
To activate the license, your device needs to be connected to the Internet.
Check the Internet connection of your iPhone or iPad.

2) Make sure that Apple Push Certificate is registered?
To activate license, Apple Push Certificate needs to be registered.
Refer to "Apple Push Certificate-Register Apple Push Certificate-Register Apple Push Certificate" in 《Management Site User Manual iOS》 for details registering Apple Push Certificate.

3) Is the Company Code or Authentication Code which you entered correct?
If the Company Code or Authentication Code is incorrect, you cannot activate it.
Check your Company Code and Authentication Code again.

4) Do you have enough licenses?
You cannot activate this product for more instances than the number of licenses.
Contact your administrator or help desk about the number of licenses.

5) Confirm your setting of Safari
You cannot activate this product if your setting of Safari does not accept Cookies.
Please choose [Settings]-[Safari]-[Accept Cookies]-[Always] temporarily.

6) Is your device jailbroken?
If the device is jailbroken, installing a profile may fail to complete.
Contact your administrator or help desk.

7) Have you set the "Web filtering" before activation of this product?
If yes for iOS 9.0 and 9.1, configuration profiles of this product cannot be installed. Therefore, an authentication page cannot move to next page and the activation of this product is no longer finished.