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Service menu support information


ID Federation New Feature Release Announcement

ID Federation released the following features on October 4, 2021.

1. Launch of multi-factor authentication option "PingID" (paid menu)

"PingID" is the name of a service that pairs and authenticates a user ID and device.

The following three authentication methods can be used for multi-factor authentication.
・ Mobile application authentication (swipe, biometric authentication)
・ FIDO2 biometric authentication
・ Desktop OTP authentication

Since the conventional "swipe authentication" is a part of the authentication method of "PingID" authentication, the name has been changed to
"PingID". Customers using swipe authentication can continue to use it without changing the settings.

2. Supports multi-factor authentication for administrator portal login (standard menu)

The login of the administrator portal for corporate administrators will be changed from "password authentication" to "password + second
authentication" multi-factor authentication.
Mobile app authentication (swipe) of "email OTP" and "PingID" can be used for the second authentication. Either can be set for each company

After December 6, 2021(JST), multi-factor authentication will be required to log in to the admin portal. Please set the second authentication for the
corporate administrator on the administrator portal by December 5th.

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