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How to find construction / malfunction information

On the customer support site, we post information on construction and malfunction of each service.
Click here for construction and breakdown information
* The captured image may differ from the actual one.

Search by service

By clicking on the right side of the service name, you can see construction / malfunction information on that service.

You can check the RSS by clicking .

Confirm new information

You can check new information by scrolling down the guide page to construction / malfunction information.

Filter construction / malfunction information

[Impact ID search]
Depending on the service, you can confirm the existence of construction / malfunction information using the customer's contract ID.
It is impossible to specify the construction status, the failure situation, and the time limit by specifying the date and time at the same time.

It is possible to filter by specifying construction status, failure situation, date and time.
This cannot be done simultaneously with impact ID search.

Impact ID search method

Click .

Enter a number starting with N, W, etc. into the entry box of the contract ID.
To specify multiple numbers, separate them with line breaks or single-byte spaces.
* Number format differs from service to service.

When you click , information matching the number entered in is displayed. You can determine which number is affected by the red letters.

Filtering method

Click .

Specify conditions and click to filter.

Useful Tips

Several methods of checking construction / malfunction information are available. Please use it according to the situation.


We are delivering construction and malfunction information by RSS.
Please use it by registering it with your leader or browser.

Look for services from the guide page for construction / malfunction information.
Please click on the right side of the service name and register the opened page in RSS reader or RSS compatible browser.

Mail delivery

We will deliver the construction / malfunction information mail to the registered e-mail address.
Please register the delivery destination of the mail and necessary information.

Acquire a customer support ID.
※ Free Registration. You can acquire it by simply registering a few items.

Customer support ID new registration

Log in with the acquired customer support ID.
After logging in, click the "My Support Top" tab on the "My Support" menu and click on "Delivery destination mail address".
Register the mail address you wish to receive mail here.
Next, click on "Add support information for individual customers" or "Add support information for corporate customers" on the "My Support Top" tab, to display the service list.
Search the service list for the service you would like to receive mail for, and click on the on the right side to register the service.

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