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Service menu support information

Service menu support information


Announcement of some screeen change on the BusinessPortal

Business Portal will be upgraded in order to add new functions and modify screens
to sophisticate its functions.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1.key changes on the screen
(1)Change of the creating ticket screen
[Before] "Create" button in the top menu

[After] "Create Ticket" in the "SERVICE DESK" in the top menu

(2)Change of the service list menu
[Before] Choose the service name in "Services" in the top menu

[After] Choose the service name in the service list screen displaying when choose "All Services" in "SERVICES" in the top menu

(3)Change of the user management and user group management screen

<User Management menu> "Manage Users" in "ADMIN" in the top menu

<User Group Management menu> "User Group Management" menu on the "BusinessPortal" menu

2.Change date to New Screens

     November 15th 2015 [Japan Standard Time]

Please see the maintenance information about this change.

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