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Frequently Asked Questions

Information regarding frequently asked questions on Workspace MDM in a list.

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[iOS:Application Distribution] "The manifest file" XXXX.plist "is incorrect." but what should I do?

One of the following values in the manifest file may be incorrect.
Please review the value.

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[iOS:VPP] In VPP distribution, "MCMDMErrorDomain: 12026" occurred.

If this error occurs, try the following.

1. There is a possibility that the application to be delivered exceeds 100 MB. If you are distributing something larger than 100 MB, please connect to the Wi-Fi environment. Please restart the target iOS device (turn off the power and turn on the power).

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[iOS:Configuration profile] I cannot install the application from the App Store.

If you can not install an application from the App Store on an unmanaged device, you may resolve it by checking the following setting values of the configuration profile.
・"Allowed content ratings/App"
If this is set to "Don't Allow Apps", it corresponds to the rating of the available application and installation will be impossible.

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[iOS:Configuration profile] When conflicts occur when multiple configuration profiles are applied, what kind of behavior does the device behave?

When multiple configuration profiles are applied, all setting items are merged. For items with different settings, the more severe the security will be adopted.

Configuration profile A:
・Allow App installation “Disable”
・Allow use of camera “Enable”

Configuration profile B:
・Allow App installation “Enable”
・Allow use of camera “Disable”

When distributing "Configuration Profile A" and "Configuration Profile B" with contents like the example, the state of the device side after applying is as follows.
・Allow App installation “Disable”
・Allow use of camera “Disable”

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[iOS:Configuration profile] I failed to install Configuration profile. (*There is a difference between setting items by supervised target and unsupervised target)

Please note that depending on the setting items of the configuration profile, devices that can be delivered may be separated from supervised devices and unsupervised devices. Items only applicable to the supervised devices exist in the items of the configuration profile. When trying to send to unsupervised device a file in which items applicable only to the supervised device are checked, configuration profile installation fails.

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