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Frequently Asked Questions

Information regarding frequently asked questions on Workspace MDM in a list.

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Which certificate do I have to update when updating the Apple Push Certificate?

Please refer to "Update Apple Push Certificate" in 《Management Site User Manual iOS》 to update it. When "Topic" is displayed (Step 2), write it down to remember. In step 8, you have to select the update target. "Topic" you wrote down has to match the certificate.

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Device cannot sync with management server.

Have you activated your Agent or profile?
Refer to each Agent user manual to activate it.

Android…Activate Agent
iOS…Install profile
Windows…Install Agent

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Silent Installation for iOS does not start.

The manual states that, “When the management option is checked and a target device is a supervised device (refer to "Appendix-Glossary " in 《Management Site User Manual Appendix》), an application is installed silently.” However, applications listed in the App Store require an Apple ID and Password to be installed. When multiple App Store applications are distributed, they can be downloaded and installed with a single Apple ID / Password entry.

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I registered an incorrect Apple Push certificate.

Please register your correct Apple Push certificate again.
In that case please log in with the Apple ID you send when you registered Apple Push certificate.
However, if Sync Unavailable Detection or Profile Delete Detection is displayed, refer to Q23.

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Sync Unavailable Detection or Profile Delete Detection has been displayed.

The correspondence varies depending on the type of Sync Unavailable Detection. Please follow the applicable procedure.

≪MDM Configuration Profile Sync Unavailable Detection Date or Profile Delete Detection≫
Since there is no recovery method other than re-authentication, please perform authentication again.

≪Agent Sync Unavailable Detection Date≫
Recovery is possible by launching an agent from the iOS device and performing synchronization.

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[iOS:Application Distribution] About the manifest file (plist) necessary when distributing the original application. Is there a difference between the manifest file created when creating the application and the manifest file for distribution?

A manifest file (plist) for application distribution is created using the manifest file (plist) created at the time of application creation. The upload destination URL is added to the manifest file (plist) created for distribution. By registering the manifest file (plist) for distribution in the manifest file (plist) of the original application registration screen, application distribution of the original application can be used.

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[iOS:Application Distribution] Can I change the application name of the original application at the timing of version upgrade?

Application name can be changed by version upgrade. Please follow the steps below.
1.Set the two Bundle ID to the same value.
・The Bundle ID in the application (ipa) already distributed and manifest file (plist).
・The Bundle ID in the application (ipa) after changing the application name and manifest file (plist).
This Bundle ID will be the same as "Application ID" displayed when manifest file is registered on the management screen.

2.Upload the application (ipa) after changing the application name and manifest file (plist) set in 1 by [Upload application] which is on the upper right of [Original Application Registration].

3.After uploading, download the created distribution manifest file (plist).

4.Click [Edit] in the created setting set of the application before the upgrade, check "Upload" in "Manifest file", specify the manifest file downloaded in 3. with [Browse] and save.

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[iOS:Application Distribution] Can I distribute the latest version of the application with the application distribution?

In the application distribution, it is the function "Distribute application specified by Store ID”. The version to be delivered is based on Apple's specifications.

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[iOS:Application Distribution] About the distribution method of the original application. Can I distribute without a manifest file (plist)?

Distribution without manifest file (plist) cannot be done.
To distribute the original application, the following two is required.
・Original application (ipa)
・Manifest file (plist)

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[iOS:Application Distribution] "The manifest file" XXXX.plist "is incorrect." but what should I do?

One of the following values in the manifest file may be incorrect.
Please review the value.

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