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Frequently Asked Questions

Information regarding frequently asked questions on Workspace MDM in a list.

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Multiple devices are registered as an identical device.

The Management site identifies registered devices via MAC address.
However, when the devices are sharing the same USB LAN adapters or a virtual network adapter is being employed by virtualization software, an identical MAC address will be assigned to multiple devices. The Management site identifies these devices as identical and overwrites previous device information assigned with the shared MAC address.

Make sure that no identical MAC address and virtual network adapters exist within the network. Then deactivate the agent (via the agent's "Deactivation" menu). Activate devices again and the target device will be registered as separate devices.

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A single device is registered as two separate devices.

When a device is activated after OS re-installation or recovery, an SID is re-issued. This may make a single device registered as multiple devices. When this occurs, delete the older device from the Assets page.

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I can’t activate the license.

1) Check if your Windows 10 Mobile device meets the device requirements.
Refer to "Getting Started-System Requirement " in《Windows 10 Mobile User Manual》and confirm.

2) Is your PC connected to the internet?
To activate the license, your Windows 10 Mobile device needs to be connected to the Internet.
Check the internet connection of your Windows device.

3) Is the Company Code or Authentication Code which you entered correct?
If the Company Code or Authentication Code is incorrect, you can't activate it.
Check your Company Code and Authentication Code again.

4) Do you have enough licenses?
You can't activate this product for more instances than the number of licenses.
Contact your administrator about the number of licenses.

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The agent is launched, but my Windows device is not managed.

1) Is your agent connected to the management site?
To manage your Windows 10 Mobile device, the management site needs to communicate with your agent.
Please check your device internet connectivity.

2) Have you activated the license yet?
To use the functions of your Windows 10 Mobile device, you need to activate the license.
For details on how to activate the agent, refer to "Basic Operations-Activate device" in《Windows 10 Mobile User Manual》

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A password is required.

You are required to enter a password in some cases, such as when removing remote lock. Contact your administrator about the password.

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Deactivating the license activation is failed. Deactivating the license activation is failed.

Is your Windows 10 Mobile device running?
To deactivate the license activation, Windows 10 Mobile device needs to be running.

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I want to read the user manual of the agent.

You can download the user manual on our support site.
Please refer to below page.

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