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Frequently Asked Questions

Information regarding frequently asked questions on Workspace MDM in a list.

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[iOS:VPP] I failed VPP distribution.(MCMDMErrorDomain:12064)

The correspondence varies depending on the reason why delivery of the VPP distribution fails. Please follow the steps below.

«ITunes Store account hash is different»
The reason why the VPP application cannot be delivered is that the iTunes Store account account hash may be different between the iOS device and the user. If the Apple ID set for the iOS device is different from the Apple ID used when inviting VPP, the VPP application cannot be delivered.

The confirmation method the iTunes Store account hash is as follows.

1. How to check iOS device
(1)On the [Assets] screen, select the target iOS device
(2) Select the [Assets] tab and check "iTunes Store Account Hash" in "Others" panel.
2. How to check users
(1) On the [Menu] -> [User] screen, select the target user
(2) Select the [VPP Setting] tab, select "Associated iTunes Store account hash".

If the iTunes Store account hash is different, create a new user and link the target iOS device to that user.
Please agree to the invitation and try the VPP application distribution again.

≪Invitation to the VPP has not ended normally.≫
If the error code "MCMDMErrorDomain: 12064" is displayed in the log of the management screen,
it is possible that the invitation to VPP has not ended normally.

Please confirm "Invitation Status" of VPP setting by the following steps.

1. On the [Menu] -> [User] screen, select the target user
2. Select the [VPP Setting] tab, check "Invitation Status".
3. "Associated" is displayed when the procedure of the invitation has been completed and "Requesting Invitation" is displayed if it is not completed.

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I cannot connect to the management site.

1) Is your PC connected to the internet?
To use the management site, your PC needs to be connected to the internet.
Check if your PC is connected to the internet.

2) Does your device meet the device requirements?
Refer to "Using the management site-Getting Started-System Requirements" in 《Management Site User Manual Using the management site》and confirm.

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I do not know the login information.

Contact our help desk as follows;

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I cannot create a new user.

Do you have enough licenses?
Depending on your contract, you may have a limit on the number of users you can create.
The number of your licenses is displayed on management site.

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One of our devices was lost. I want to lock the device remotely as soon as possible.

Please refer to below steps for locking the device remotely;
1) Click [Remote Lock] from the main menu, and create a setting group to lock.
 (For details, refer to "Android - Restrictions-Remote Lock" in 《Management Site User Manual Android》)
 * If the setting group to lock is already created, you don’t have to create a new one.
2) Select the device you want to lock from [Assets].
3) Open the [Settings] tab, and change the "Remote Lock" status to lock the device.
 (For details on step 2 and 3, refer to "Using the management site-Assets-Settings-Allocate setting group to a singular device" in 《Management Site User Manual Using the management site》.)

≪iPhone / iPad≫
1) Select the device you want to lock from [Assets].
2) Open the [Others] tab and select "Remote Control.” Click [Execute] in "Remote Lock.”
 (For details, refer to "Using the management site-Assets-Settings-Remote Lock (iOS)" in 《Management Site User Manual Using the management site》.)

1) Select the device you want to lock from [Assets].
2) Click [Remote Control], then click the [Execute] button of [Remote Lock].
 (For details, refer to "Using the management site-Assets-Settings-Remote Lock (Windows)" in 《Management Site User Manual Using the management site》.)

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The message that the server certificate is invalid is displayed during installing a profile.

Date and time settings on the Mac may not be set correctly. Please set the date and time correctly and try again.

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I deleted the profile of this product by mistake.

Please activate again.
For details, refer to page "Activating License (Installing Profile)" in 《Management Site User Manual Mac OS》.

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I want to make sure that the Apple Push Certificate placed on the server and device's certificate is identical.

Check the management site's Apple Push certificate’s topic value.
For a Mac device, click on the Apple icon. Go to "About this Mac" and select "More Info." Click "System Report" and go to "Profile" under the "Software" left section.
Select a target profile and make sure that the topic value is identical to servers.

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I can’t install the agent.

1) Check if your device meets the device requirements.
Refer to "Getting Started-Agent System Requirement" in《Windows User Manual》and confirm.

2) If you use Internet Explorer 9 when downloading the agent, you may not be able to download the agent. Remove the check from "Do not save encrypted pages to disk” in the Advanced tab in the internet options and try again.

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The agent is launched, but my Windows device is not managed.

1) Is your agent connected to the management site?
To manage your Windows device, the management site needs to communicate with your agent.
You can check your connection status on the tray icon.
Refer to "Agent Basic Operations-Screen Layout-Details of tray icon" in《Windows User Manual》and make sure that your agent is connected to the management site.

2) Have you activated your agent yet?
To use the functions of the agent, you need to activate your agent.
For details on how to activate the agent, refer to "Stop Agent Use-Deactivate agent-Activate agent" in《Windows User Manual》.

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