How to use the support site

How to use the maintenance

The customer support site provides information on construction and breakdown of each service.
maintenance here.
* The captured image may differ from the actual one.

Search for construction / failure information (search by date or area)

[1] search by date or area
You can search by specifying the construction status, failure status, and date and time.
[2] List of construction / failure information
A list of construction / failure information that meets the selected conditions is displayed.

Convenient usage

We have prepared several methods for checking construction / failure information. Please use it according to the situation.


We deliver construction / failure information via RSS.
Please register with your reader or browser to use it.

  1. Search for the service from the information page for construction / failure information.
  2. Click the RSS mark to the right of the service name to register the opened page in an RSS-only reader or RSS-compatible browser.

mail delivery

A construction / failure information email will be sent to the registered email address.
Please register the mail delivery destination and necessary information.

  1. Obtain a customer support ID.
    * Registration is free. You can get it just by registering a simple item.

    Customer support ID new registration

  2. Log in with the customer support ID you obtained.
    After logging in, click "New Registration" from the delivery destination email address management of "Construction / Failure Information Notification Service".
    Here, register the e-mail address you want to deliver.
  3. Next, click "Add individual customer service" or "Add corporate customer service" in "Construction / failure information notification service" to display the service list.
  4. Find the service you want to receive the email from the service list, and click "Register" from the delivery column to register the construction / failure information email.

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