How to login to NTTCommunications Business Portal

1. An starting guide e-mail will be sent to the registered email address. Please click on the URL and proceed with the steps to set your initial password.

If you don't get the starting guide email, please see the FAQ.

2. After the Identity Verification screen is displayed, input your email address, name, and contact telephone number (without hyphens) using the exact information that was used when you were registered as a user. After you have entered the information, please click on Continue.

If you forgot your Identification information, please see the FAQ

3. After user authentication has been completed, the Password registration screen is displayed.
In the portal, numbers randomly displayed on a matrix are used as the password. The positions of the numbers (hereafter, “password positions”) determine the password.
Click anywhere from 8 to 15 places in the matrix. The clicking order is displayed in each box as it is clicked. The same box can be clicked multiple times, in which case the order of the last click is displayed.
After selecting the password positions, click Register.

4. The Password registration confirmation screen is displayed.The numbers showing the clicking order are displayed in the password positions. To set the password, click Confirm. The password has been set.

5. Input the following URL into your browser to display the email address entry screen. Once the screen is displayed, input your registered email address and click Send.

6. After the User authentication screen is displayed, input the numbers that correspond to the password positions in the proper clicking order and click Send.

7. When logging in for the first time, users must confirm and agree with the Terms of Personal Information Protection regarding Customer Portal. To agree with the Terms of Personal Information Protection regarding Customer Portal, insert a checkmark in the box next to “Tick here to accept the terms and conditions then click on the accept button.” and click “Accept”. Once user authentication has been completed, the Dashboard screen appears.

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